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Know where you stand. Get the facts on how your property holds up against the competition

Better Data, Better Decisions

SpaceList has access to exclusive and comprehensive commercial real estate data not available anywhere else. You can use this to your advantage when making decisions about your listings

Uncover Opportunities

With your property side by side against the competition, outlying data points suddenly stand out.

Define Your Competitors

Leverage SpaceList data to identify the buildings that your property competes against.

Track Your Niche

Don't let irrelevant market activity corrupt your analysis. Monitor supply & demand activity in the exact properties that matter.

Example SpaceList Property Analytics

“We utilize the excellent data from SpaceList to analyse our property positioning in the market. It’s an excellent tool.”

Head shot of Steve Horowitz
Steve Horowitz - VP Leasing, Reliance Properties


Example SpaceList Property Analytics competitive set

Competitive Set

With data on nearly every major commercial building in the country, you get access to competitive building information unavailable anywhere else

Example SpaceList Property Analytics available suite sizes chart

Suite Analysis

Our charts compare suite size range, total space, and availability across buildings within your competitive set

Example SpaceList Property Analytics building age chart

Building Age Analysis

We give you a snapshot of your building age compared to the competition, so you can see where you stand

Example SpaceList Property Analytics traffic chart

Visitor Analytics

SpaceList is one the most viewed sources of commercial real estate listings in the world. This gives us tons of data on how our visitors use our site, which we can pass on to you

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