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Dive into competitive listings with more detail than ever before. Stay on top of new listings to get a real feel of the market.

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Create printable surveys for your clients with our shortlist tool.

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Enhance your image with a rich profile and namecards on listings.


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Search better with filters that help you, the professional, find exactly what you want. Our professional filter-set will let you dive into search results in greater detail than ever before, unleashing the power of the biggest commercial real estate database in the country.

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Make a survey by clicking the star icon in search results or on the listing page. Share your list with your team and take it with you when you go on tour.

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In a competitive market, it pays to find out first. You can set your alerts to get track new listings weekly based on specific search criteria.

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"SpaceList has been absolutely fantastic in generating leads online. In addition, the site is beautifully designed, easy to use it is a pleasure to work with the team at SpaceList"

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Robert Tham - Principal, Corbel Commercial

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Engage with potential tenants by showing them who you are and how you can help. Increase your credibility with our enhanced profile page. Upload a photo, write your biography and customize the background. First impressions matter.

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Over 4,000 people find space on SpaceList daily. Many of these are tenants who are looking for representation

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Personalized listings magnify visibility for you on the spaces you represent. Optimize your positioning and be in the right place at the right time. Build your brand and look your professional best.

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"I get more leads from SpaceList than any of the other industry listing websites combined. The site is intuitive and simple to update for brokers, and is easy to use for tenants. I upload all of my listings to SpaceList."

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Dan Jordan - Associate VP, Colliers

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