Can you help me find space?
SpaceList is a marketplace where landlords and brokers promote their listings, and businesses can search those listings for free. While we do not provide brokerage services, if you need professional assistance finding space, please contact one of our preferred commercial real estate brokers here.
How do I search for space?
Start by entering the city and type of space you're interested in. Use the filters to narrow down your results by size, price, etc. You can keep track of spaces you like by pressing the star icon or save your search results by pressing the "Set Alert" button.
I want more information about a listing, how do I get it?
If you're interested in a space or want to schedule a tour, simply fill out the contact form on the right-hand side of the listing. An email will be sent directly to the listing agent. If a phone number is provided, you can give the agent a call directly.
How do I create an account?
Click the "Log in" link at the top right-hand corner of the page, and then click sign up. Fill out the fields and press the blue "Sign up" button. If you need assistance accessing your account or managing your listings, please give us a call: 1.855.387.8771
How much does it cost?
You can search for space and list a space for free. We offer pro accounts for real estate professionals who need more powerful tools. To learn more about SpaceList PRO, click here.
I forgot my password.
Click the “Log In” button then the “Forgot password” link at the bottom left hand corner of the login modal. We will email you instructions on how to proceed. If you’re still having trouble, give us a call: 1.855.387.8771
I can't login!
We're happy to help, just give us a call: 1.855.387.8771


How do I list my space?
Create a free account (if you already have an account, log in) and then press the "List a Space" button on the top right-hand corner of the page. Enter in the address of your listing, and confirm the location on the map. If you would like to list an entire building, as a single listing, click "List The Entire Property". If you would like to list one or more spaces within the property, click "List A Suite". Add information and photographs - the more the better! You can add general information about the building by clicking the pencil icon next to the building address. Once you save your listing it will be published live on SpaceList.
What's the difference between a suite and a property?
We organize information by address (the property) and by suite (the space). The property information is general information about the building and location, while the suite information is specific information about the unit that is available. You can choose to list an entire building as a single space, or individual spaces within a building.
How do I add a file (photo, floor plan or flier)?
Files can be added to the property or individual suites. A file added to an individual suite is only visible in that suite. Files added to the property level are visible in all suites at that address. You cannot add a flier to a property unless it is for sale. To add a file, drag and drop your file or upload it from your computer. Once the file is added, select the file type (photo, floor plan, flier). Then assign the file (individual suite, property). Save your changes.
Can I save my listing and come back to it later?
You're able save your listing and come back to it at anytime, however the information you provide will be published live onto SpaceList.
How do I see and manage my listing(s)?
Once you log in, you can manage your listing on the 'Listings' page located in the menu bar on the upper right-hand side of every page.
How do I edit a suite?
On your 'Listings' page, press the pencil icon adjacent to the suite you'd like to edit.
How do I edit a building?
On your 'Listings' page, press the pencil icon adjacent the address of the property you'd like to edit.
How do I mark a space leased?
On your 'Listings' page select 'Unlisted' from the drop down menu adjacent your listing.
How do I delete a space?
On your 'Listings' page, press the trash can icon adjacent the suite you'd like to delete.
Some of the information on SpaceList is inaccurate.
Accuracy is our top priority! Please flag the suite in question by clicking "Report a Problem" located at the bottom left-hand side of the page. We can make immediate updates, so please send us an email or give us a call: 1.855.387.8771
I have too many listings to add myself, can you help?
Absolutely. We can automate data entry using our API or you can send us updates via email. We'd love to hear from you! Email us or give us a call: 1.855.387.8771
Can I share access to my account with my assistant / broker?
You bet! Please send us an email with the email address of the person you would like to share access with and we will synchronize your accounts.
How did my listings get on SpaceList?
We do not publish listings without explicit permission. If your listings are on SpaceList, it is likely because they have been sent to us by someone in your firm. If you would like to edit or manage your listing and do not currently have access please give us a call and we will setup your account: 1.855.387.8771
The suite number I want to list "has already been taken"?
This happens when another person has previously listed the suite. If you have taken over a listing, send us an email or give us a call: 1.855.387.8771 and we will transfer it to your account.


How can I get my photo next to my listings?
Users with pro account have their photo and bio on their listings. SpaceList PRO gives agents an enhanced profile page displaying your photo, firm logo, biography and comprehensive list of all spaces you represent. In addition, Pro tenant representatives are featured in our agent directory. To learn more about SpaceList PRO, click here.
I want my listing to get more views, how do I feature it?
The more information and photographs you include on your listing, the more exposure you will receive. You can also feature your listings for even more exposure. This service includes a boost in search results, commercial quality photography, and stats on how your property compares to the competition. To learn more about Featured Listings, click here.
Do you offer any market data?
Our Building Competitive Analysis tool allows you monitor the performance of your property in real-time. We leverage unique demand data to identify the buildings you compete against, and show you how your property compares. To learn more please give us a call: 1.855.387.8771

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